image of Jessie with green and red scarf, black t-shirt and blue jeans sitting on a stool barefoot.

Let me start by saying, I dislike talking about me. What?! I like talking about how we can make you feel better and all the ways we can work together. But- since you’re on this page, and you’re curious about me, I’ll tell you a little bit. My name is Jessie Bernstein (she/her), and am a Maryland Licensed Massage Therapist and also Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Graduated from the University of Hartford with a degree in Health Science and a minor in Communications and the same week I graduated from college, the next adventure began at the Baltimore School of Massage. With specialties in fertility, pregnancy, postpartum massage, reproductive health is a strong interested. In addition, also focusing on oncology massage with end of life bodywork. As a result of working with pregnant people, I also teach infant massage classes.

As a second-generation massage therapist, I grew up with an incredible appreciation for the power of touch. Coming up with a plan together with my clients is very important. I’ve supported clients with numerous health challenges including chronic pain, anxiety, headaches, scar tissue, depression and more. It’s been an honor to have taken classes with some of the best in the field such as Elaine Stillerman, Tracy Walton, Tina Allen and Claire Marie Miller, and numerous more.

Professional membership to the American Massage Therapy Association, Society for Oncology Massage, Maryland Birth Network, and Infant Massage USA. In my spare time, actively volunteer for local cancer and hospice organizations and birth related organizations/groups, play with my fun puppy, enjoy walking on trails and hiking with my husband.