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NIAW: The Importance of Doulas During a Pandemic with Erica McAfee of Sisters In Loss

April 5, 2021 at 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm EDT

Bright Orange background at the top of image with text: National Infertility Awareness. Under on left side is a pineapple and to the right is image of Black woman. Text below: Erica McAfee, Sisters In Loss. The Essential Role Doulas Play During the Pandemic. IG Live: Monday, April 5th 6pm. Under that on left is Moksha logo to the right is #NIAW2021 #whatiwantyoutoknow

Our guest for this event, Erica McAfee, is the founder of Sisters In Loss. Sisters In Loss a digital media platform where Black Women replace Silence with Storytelling around Pregnancy and Infant Loss and Infertility. Erica has created not only a community for those who have dealt pregnancy and infant loss, as well as infertility, but created a specialized doula training for those seeking to support those with these experiences. We’ve heard so much more in the last 12 months the essential role they have in supporting birthing families, but especially supporting Black birthing families.

Our conversation is going to be one of great value, the necessary value of Doulas/Supporters during the pandemic and why they are critical to have. We’ll be going live on Instagram at 6pm for this event. Hope you’ll join us for this discussion.

Check out her website, her community, and her podcast to learn more about the incredible work she facilitates.

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