Pineapple Connections
Peer to Peer Support Community for Fertility Hiccups & Pregnancy Loss

2 pineapples in front of light blue building. One with purple sunglasses and one has white framed sunglasses. Blue Text below on yellow background: Pineapple ConnectionsPineapple Connections is a community with a variety of folks who have or are currently struggling to grow their family. We are an inclusive group, all people in this space are uterus holding folks, but not all identify as a “mom-to-be”. We try very hard to be mindful and respectful of everyone here, and that is my expectation as a group facilitator.

We have folks who are in their 20’s, we have folks in their 40’s. We have single folks, we have married, divorced/separated folks. We have folks who have living children and are trying to grow their family, we have folks who have chosen to no longer attempt within their own bodies and use carriers or are going through the adoption process. We also have folks who have closed the family growing chapter and now childfree not by choice, but still looking for connection and support. We have folks who have had abortions, miscarriages, and stillbirths. In this space, we do not discriminate nor judge anyone’s journey to this group or the journey we witness in this space. I am so proud of the space we have collectively grown into from day 1 in 2018.

While things are still being sorted out in the world of a pandemic, at this time the only in-person hangout remains our first Sunday hikes, which vary throughout central Maryland. Please join us for these, they are fun, great community builders, healing in nature, and a way to be in-person with other Pineapples and see some cool trails.

Once people do carry to term, you are STILL welcome here. For many many folks, Infertility doesn’t end once you have a baby in your arms. We get that, here. Once a month we do have guest speakers, and if the topic is of interest, for those with partners, they are welcome to join you for those hangouts. Otherwise, Pineapples only. If you have outside peeps going through any of the above, they are absolutely welcome to join us, as well.

If you’d like to be on the email list, you can fill this out:

If you are someone who this group speaks to and you’d like to join the closed FB group, you can join here. There are screening questions to ensure the safety of the community.

Our monthly schedule at this time:
1st Sunday: Hike
1st Tuesday, 7:30pm ET: Guest Speaker
2nd Tuesday, 8:30pm ET: Secondary Infertility Hangout
3rd Tuesday, 7:30pm ET: All Pineapple Hangout

Be sure to check the Events page for other special events.

In this space, we want everyone to have their dreams come true. All stories have different endings. We support the good, the bad, and the ugly stories. If you need a break, we get that, and that’s totally okay. Infertility and loss groups can be overwhelming, and taking care of YOU and your heart is priority number 1. If you need specific resources, you can send me a message, or ask in the group if you feel comfortable.