I provide a variety of services for folks of all ages. My specialities are working with people trying to conceive, during their pregnancy and their postpartum recovery, as well as, working with those impacted by cancer.

Types of massage & services offered:

Swedish AKA Relaxing Massage

The most common, relaxing, nurturing massage for your mind and body. This type of massage can vary in pressure from light to deep, depending on your preferences without using deep tissue techniques.

Woman face up with blanket covering her chest down, massag therapist with hands under neck

Myofascial Release

A modality that allows a deep stretch without being invasive. It is useful for scar tissue, soft tissue injuries, lack of mobility, and more. This is a great tool to use if you’re looking to minimize scar tissue from abdominal surgery, endometriosis, and more.

Prenatal Massage

A birthing person’s body goes through incredible transformations during pregnancy. Some, more exciting than others. There are the typical back and neck aches, the sore feet, the hands that go tingling, the sinuses that get congested, and more. There’s also the time where you need a break from all of the planning and the worrying of what lies ahead of the pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences.

Pregnancy massage is a gifted way of being able to support a woman on this journey.

Fertility Massage

Fertility Massage covers so much of a person’s journey. With focusing on maintaining a status of homeostasis, a sense of balance and well-being we incorporate modalities that support

  • Cleansing the digestive system
  • Balancing the cranial-sacral alignment
  • Balancing hormones through Reflexology techniques that stimulate the reproductive areas and endocrine glands
  • Uterus positioning
  • Increased circulation through the pelvis
  • Deep relaxation and stress reduction

I am very clear with all of my clients, that there is no guarantee that Fertility Massage will be the one thing that gets you pregnant, but it’s part of the wheel of wellness, the collective team providing you with guidance and understanding of the process of conception. Before you schedule an appointment, we will chat on the phone to connect on your goals and expectations, where you are on the journey of fertility i.e. trying to conceive naturally or utilizing help with Assisted Reproductive Technologies, what to expect from a session, and what our collaborative goals will be.

Postpartum Massage

Postpartum massage isn’t just a luxury service. It’s a way of nurturing the birthing person, supporting them mentally and physically. Massage research shows the benefits and impact that massage therapy has on depression, anxiety and the physical healing after birth. If the birthing person is less stressed, chest-feeding becomes a bit easier; immunity stays stronger, and she can rest better. Postpartum massage is also essential for those who have had cesarean births, and helping with recovery of scar tissue and physical trauma.

Oncology Massage

Oncology massage is to support those with a history of cancer, currently in treatment, and those living with cancer. A more in-depth intake and conversation will occur to best be able to provide a relaxing and beneficial session.

Whether you are newly diagnosed, had lymph nodes removed, receiving chemotherapy and/or radiation, issues with range of motion due to surgery, your sessions are customized to meet you where you are. They might not be like your previous massages, before cancer, but they are truly catered to the day you come in for your massage. These sessions can support nausea, anxiety, pain, restlessness, fatigue, mobility, and more.

One of the most important components I am adamant about is giving my clients control over the session, as long as it is safe. You don’t have control over being diagnosed, or the treatment options offered, but when you’re on the table the session is yours.

In addition to providing massage for my clients with cancer, I also provide instructions for caregivers on how to provide massage at home or at the hospital.

Is Massage Safe?

Absolutely! I can tell you that a properly trained oncology massage therapist can provide safe and effective massage for anyone, at any stage of their cancer journey. I see clients who are newly diagnosed in treatment, after treatment, and in end of life care. Proper modifications are necessary for any client, but especially with cancer. My training has afforded me the confidence and skill-set to be able to provide the most beneficial massage possible.

“Oncology massage is available in many of the world’s leading cancer hospitals. Oncology massage training addresses the full spectrum of cancer-related issues: the physical consequences of cancer, the side effects of various treatments, and the psycho-social and emotional considerations. Your therapist will adapt his/her massage therapy techniques to your specific needs. In the words of one patient, oncology massage is like “a vacation from cancer.” From the Society for Oncology Massage (

baby sleeping on their back, wearing footed pajamas

Infant Massage

Touch empowers compassion, security, and trust. The earlier we can provide a continuous positive touch to an infant, the earlier the attachment creates a long line of constructive effects in the relationship between an infant and those that are care-giving. Infant massage provides numerous benefits. It can improve sleep, stimulate appetite, decrease post-partum depression, help provide relief for constipation, gas and colic, increase paternal bonding, and increase overall bonding and attachment with caregivers. What is really beautiful about learning infant massage is that it can really bring parents or caregivers closer with their baby in their own unique way. Infant massage can begin as early as after delivery. See for yourself. Experience the beauty. Create the magic. This is a great class for foster parents and adoptive parents, as well.

This is a 4 week series, where each week we introduce a new technique. All supplies are provided for you. Just don’t forget the diaper bag.

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